Semester ONE is DONE - Nursing School : Week 15 + 16

December 20, 2018

Wheeeeeew Chilayyyyy!
It's been a hectic few weeks but I've finally settled down, had a decent meal and had time to sleep.

Week 15:

  • Dinner dates with friends keep me motivated.

  • Thank you God for siblings that feed you when you're busy studying and don't have enough time to cook or grocery shop.

  • No class all of this week except for Thursday. Full PathoPharm lecture and one final group presentation. Class could have....should have ended this week but nobody asked me *puts hands in pockets and walks away whistling*
  • I avoided the library this whole week because 1)It was essentially social hour. 2) It was waayyyy too crowded. The library is already small. The nursing building is small. So I did what I needed to do on campus each day and went straight home. I had to force myself to focus at home, which is/was very hard.

  • Speaking of PathoPharm : 3 softchalks,7-8 videos each. At least 30 minutes each. I know more about Erectile dysfunction than I ever wanted to know. Funny moment: casually discussing male reproductive disorders with a classmate in public and someone not in nursing school asking "what's priapism?" after we've said the word about 35 times. 

  • This week was honestly boring. I studied all week and tied up any loose ends before exams started. Nursing students most stated phrase: "I feel like I've hit a wall." If I had one dollar for every time I said this. You think you've hit a wall and then a new week begins and you hit another wall. Tisk Tisk.  

Week 16:

  • 5 exams in one week. It is such a foreign concept to have this many exams in one week after only having one exam every week for the whole semester. We had Tuesday off for whatever reason but it was really nice to have an extra day to study before PathoPharm. My last exam took place on Saturday. It was a makeup for an exam I missed while at NSNA midyear. Luckily I had a cumulative final in this class and the material was very straight forward. Let me tell you, it is very difficult to study when you know you can make a 52 on the final and still finish with a B in the class. Spoiler alert: I got an 80 on the final.
How I feel about Saturday exams when all my friends are out sipping mimosas.
Almost 9am.

  • 2 ugly sweater parties in one week. Coincidentally, I have exactly 2 ugly Christmas sweaters. You learn very quickly in nursing school: anything that gives you free food is worth attending.

  • Speaking of food: My diet during finals week was T-RASH. wing stop should have sponsored me.
  • Speaking of even more food: when I'm stressed I bake. I baked oatmeal raisin cookies and chocolate cookies for my clinical group. And  because I don't know portion control I ended up making enough for a large group of other people in my cohort as well.  Some people clean or sleep to avoid their responsibilities. I bake. 

  • Thursday was a mini self care day. Went to get my nails done for the first time in a looooong time. It's only for 3 weeks but that's cool with me. Also, I'm not sure how people function with long nails. I had to file them down after 4 days. 
  • Packing up notes to use at a later date is such a satisfying feeling.Next semester I definitely need to invest in bigger binders. 

  • My laptop decided to crash during a final. It did this the Friday we got out for Thanksgiving break but they were able to fix it at the Apple store. Thankfully I was able to borrow a computer on Friday and take a paper exam on Saturday. When I took my computer to the Apple store this time they said the hard drive is damaged and "yOu cAn sElL iT fOr PaRtS." If this is the only L I take all of 2018, then I'll take it. 
I left my computer on all night and it stayed on this screen + got VERY hot.

  • Next semester, my goal is to not study in bed.Waking up to notes everywhere is unsettling.

  • I passed all of my classes and finished with good grades! That's all that matters.
  • Nk before nursing school: * stays at home any opportunity* Nk in nursing school: "why yes, I will go out tonight and be social. Nursing school is one of the best things to happen to me. *chuckles* If you ever wondered what happens to frat boys after they graduate, go to Buckhead bars and people watch. Thoroughly entertaining. Going out + being social + not stressing is such a wonderful feeling.
  •  In other news: I cried laughing playing "Cards Against Humanity". That game is STOOOPID. Finals week aged me about 5 years so any and all laughs were needed. I'm just happy to have a little extra time to do random things or nothing at all. 
Image result for running gif forrest gump
Actual footage of me running to the function to be social.

Red lipstick to celebrate my freedom!

9 pm.
You know you're getting old when you prefer to be warm rather than cute for an outing. 
You may also be getting old if you say "I should have worn my Vans," while walking around in OTK heeled boots. That's serious. I was considering sacrificing my Vans to bar tar in the name of comfort. 

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