Holler and Dash

March 4, 2019


Sunday brunch back in session! I'm currently on Spring break and finally have a chance to do fun things again. This past Sunday I checked my email and saw I was awarded a scholarship so I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to celebrate + try a new restaurant.

Holler and Dash is described as being a "Southern Style biscuit house". It's modeled like a traditional walk-up fast food restaurant - you place your order, you're given an alarm and when the alarm vibrates you pick up your food. 

Seeing how it was Sunday morning and Atlanta brunch culture rolls deep, there was a line. Luckily the line was moving quickly and I only stood there for about 15 minutes. 

What I ordered:
  • a cup of fruit (I wish this was bigger. Definitely not $2.50 worth of fruit)
  • Agua Fresca (this tasted like extremely watered down strawberry puree. I should have just ordered orange juice, that's always safe.)
  • a side of cheese grits (These were pretty watery but cooked to completion. I hate crunchy undercooked grits. In general, I prefer thick grits. Watery undercooked grits taste like you're eating sand. These grits also had a little kick to them. Not an overwhelming spice but just a little dash of pepper.)
  • Kickback Chicken (this was very good! I like the unexpected pairings of food. I honestly wish I would have ordered a to-go biscuit instead of fruit and grits. The chicken was slightly spicy, the sweet pepper jelly balanced out the spice of the chicken, goat cheese is always a YES!, the green onions really brought out the taste of the goat cheese crumbles and the biscuit was thick layered flakey perfection!)

Overall, this place wasn't bad! It's not somewhere I'd be dying to come back on a weekly basis but there are a few menu items I want to try in the future. After I ate I was still pretty hungry so I'd suggest eating before you go or ordering something from the bowl section of the menu in addition to a biscuit. 

The Midtown location is their 6th location.

More views. 

Inside the restaurant

The menu!

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