Milk and Honey

March 4, 2019

I was referred to Milk and Honey by a friend who talks about the restaurant like it's the second coming of Christ. I figured a Monday aftenoon would be a safe time to visit as many people are at work or school. I was wrong. When I walked in there was a 40- minute wait. Thankfully, many people left at once so I only waited for about 35 minutes. This also gave me plenty of time to decide what I wanted. If you go and have to wait I suggest you wait in your car. I waited inside because I parked quite far and ended up standing right next to a couple while they were sitting down trying to enjoy their breakfast.

What I ordered:
  • 2 honey butter biscuits (Just biscuits with honey butter on the plate. They were good but not something I would order again, especially since I can make them at home.)
  • Jumbo smothered chicken biscuit (This was the deal breaker. I got my plate less than 5 minutes after ordering. Before I could eat my server walked up to me and said "sheeesh, they must have known you were hungry. They brought that out fast." I laughed it off and waited for her to return with silverware. When I finally bit into my biscuit I discovered it was cold. I assume they double made this and just had it sitting under a warmer waiting for someone to order it. This had so much potential and after eating this I was left feeling underwhelmed.)
  • Lemonade (this tasted like it was reconstituted from powder. There was nothing sweet about it. Very tart and tangy lemon water. Going forward I'll just stick with orange juice or water.)
I wasn't impressed, at all. The food looks better on Instagram. Since I've heard such excellent reviews I'm willing to go back. Next time I'll probably order the Cognac french toast or the Lobster gumbo and grits.

Because I had such a bad experience I told myself I would come back on another day (probably the weekend) + much earlier in the day to give them one final chance. 

The menu: select items were a few dollars cheaper due to the lunch special. 

I thought it was weird that I recieved plastic cutlery when everyone around me was using metal silverware.

The real reason I came. My friend hyped these biscuits up so much that I decided to order 2. I'm not sure what I was expecting but this wasn't it.

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