Candytopia - Atlanta

May 21, 2019

I'm not sure why I thought there would solely be adults here but I was wrong.
The good news: this seems to be well received by all age groups. When my best friend and I went we weren't the only adults without children there.

When you enter the "museum" there's a bit of a waiting period to pace the group that went before you. Once you begin the tour and the rules have been explained it's self-led.  The only real rules are:
  1. No going back
  2. Only take one piece of candy (nobody actually followed this rule - and when you think about it, the creators probably anticipated this)
I didn't count how many rooms there are but when it was all said and done I didn't feel like we rushed or there needed to be more rooms added to the museum. 

It's nice that they let you touch everything but I will say that I saw the resin peeling off of a few of the sculptures. I wonder will they go back and re-do certain pieces at some point?

The only room that has a "time limit" is the room with the marshmallow pit but how much time do you really need in there?

If I had to describe this in one phrase I'd say "a real-life depiction of Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory."

Ticket price: $20 for children and $28 for adults
Tickets sell out fast so book far enough in advance and buy all of your tickets at once if you're going with a group. Luckily my best friend and I timed it to where we ordered our tickets within minutes of each other.

My favorite rooms: Confetti and the marshmallow pit.

 I really appreciate how they had free photography offered in select rooms. That with the free candy in every room makes the cost more reasonable. 

I'm not sure how much longer this exhibit will be in Atlanta so I'd suggest going soon!

Bonus: they now have locations in Dallas and Houston!

the entrance

a dragon!

if Nk doesn't pose like this did she even have a good time?

excited + pockets full fo candy

the first room


first option for candy

one of the creators


every statue you encounter has a sign like this!

Alexa, play "all of the lights"

*whispers "Okuuuur"*


this is stunning!

You have to be a true artist to look at candy and be able to make extremely realistic art!

paying homage

I actually want + need this!

for the homie Steve Irwin

this one impressed me the most!

we'll call him "Scuba Steve"

those are airheads!!

confetti room!

I was still finding these confetti pieces weeks after we went.

the infamous marshmallow pit

one of the creators!

an Atlanta braves flat bill cap

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