OOTD #3: I Believe In Pink

May 24, 2018

Confession time: When I was younger I HATED pink. 

As I've gotten older pink has grown on me!

Another confession: I hate cold weather. This will never change. 

This coat sealed the deal for my love of pink.

Before I went to New York in January I was on the hunt for the perfect coat. It doesn't really get that cold in Atlanta so there's no need for a super heavy coat. New York is on the water and as I was told: "it's a different type of cold." The lie detector determined that was a fact.

I wore this coat on a day when I was walking around in NYC for Saturday morning brunch and exploring the shops.

I paired it with riding boots, jeans, a faux fur stole and a turtleneck sweater.

 I had to roll up the sleeves of my turtleneck because the coat is 3/4 sleeve length.

In hindsight, this would probably be more appropriate during transition seasons (Fall and Spring).

The day we were walking around wasn't terribly cold because the sun finally decided to come out!

I love all the little details of this coat. Great for both leisure and a more dressy look! Also ideal for transitioning day to night looks.

Grab this coat now in the offseason, it's under $40!!

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