Broadway : The Lion King + Aladdin

July 12, 2018

After seeing Aladdin on Broadway I told myself that every time I return to New York I have to go see a Broadway show.

Fun Fact: In 8th grade I auditioned for a play (Once Upon a Mattress). I auditioned for a lead part with a lot of solo singing. I didn't get it. Instead, I got the part of one of the castle servants, with a good bit of group singing. What I'm trying to get at here: I've always really liked plays.

It's amazing how quickly they change hair, costumes, backdrops and sets! SEAMLESS transitions!

Between the two plays, I enjoyed Aladdin the most. There were a lot of loud children in the theatre watching Lion King so it was hard to focus + really enjoy.
Favorite character: Genie. He MADE the show! I think Robin Williams would have been proud.

Up until this trip I had never seen Lion King. I actually watched it the night before we left for the trip.
Favorite characters from The Lion King: Young Simba and Scar.
I would go see Lion King just to see the costumes and the scene when Simba fights Scar.

I did some research prior to our trip and saw that there are places where you can grab cheap Broadway tickets the day of the show on a first come first serve basis but I didn't want to take that chance. I would definitely buy tickets as far in advance as possible.
I opted to pick up my tickets at will call because it would be just my luck to have them lost in the mail or leave them at home.

I'd also recommend bringing your own snacks. The shows are looooooong! Keep in mind there's also an intermission. We went to Duane Reade before the Saturday night show and grabbed a bunch of things to munch on. Unfortunately on Friday we paid theatre prices for candy, water and chips.

Overall, it's worth the investment. A great solo or date night activity!
*crosses fingers that "Fela!" will one day come back to Broadway. *

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