Sky View Observatory

July 12, 2018

Fun Fact: This is the tallest observatory in the Pacific Northwest!

The observatory is located on the 73rd floor of the Columbia Center.  
The views are absolutely stunning! I did about 3 (slow) laps and still didn't want to leave.
As you can imagine, Everything look so small and peaceful.
I tried filming a time lapse but my hand was a little shaky, still came out beautiful!

Another place you get student discount!
Also, keep your ticket stub. If you visit in the morning you can return in the evening to watch the sunset. 10/10 would recommend!

In the morning it was less crowded so I'd say go during both times just for the experience.
If you are going for the sunset get there early. It gets crowded quickly because everyone is trying to get a picture or a time lapse.

If you look closely you can see Century Link Stadium.

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