The Manhattan Bridge

May 28, 2018

The famous Instagram New York OOTD fashion blogger bridge.

Actually, I have no idea if  it's famous. I just made that up.

Fun fact: The Manhattan Bridge is 1,470 feet long and opened on New Year's Eve 1909!

Located in Dumbo, the Manhattan Bridge is in a very "urban".... hipstery (that's not Queen's English, in case you were wondering) part of town. We happened to stumble upon it after going to a hot chocolate shop around the corner.

Surprisingly, it wasn't too crowded. Thank you cold weather!

Everybody pretty much knew the drill.
 (Take your picture and go! If you didn't quite get the shot, allow someone else to go and then try again. Most important: Get out of the way when other people are "shooting". )

 We were there for 15-20 minutes tops taking turns trying to get pictures.

Bridges fascinate me when I think about all the work that went into making them and the fact that they bring together two masses of land.

We  ended up crossing the bridge (by car) a few times when going into the city for Broadway shows.

If I lived in New York I'd probably be here all the time, with my handy dandy tripod, for outfit pictures! The bridge + the cars lining the street make for a beautiful backdrop!

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