Nursing School: Week 8

October 18, 2018

Midterm Point, is that you playa?

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  • I'm 70% confident that my eyesight has deteriorated due to all this reading I'm doing. Textbook reading, not leisure reading. 
  • We got to auscultate a variety of heart and lung abnormalities this week in lab. 
    I'm tempted to text everyone in my contact list and ask them to 1)let me auscultate and assess their heart and lungs 2) let me perform a head to toe physical assessment on them. "Hey, hope you're doing well. Would you be willing to let me borrow your body for an hour-ish? You just have to sit there, I'll do all the work. It's for learning purposes."Image result for laughing gif

    That last sentence should really seal the deal.

    In nursing school you have to get creative. All of this week I practiced performing physical assessments on my pillows due to my lack of another human. Whatever it takes, amirite? Shoutout to all the second year students that allowed us to practice on them.

  • I'm beginning to think time management is a fairy tale.
  • The "grades" app is fantastic in terms of gauging where you're at in your course and what you need to be making on your remaining exams. 
  • When people tell you that you need to do very well in Anatomy and Microbiology, listen to them. A strong foundation is critical. I'm really glad my professor cared about us mastering the concepts rather than just failing everyone + rushing to cram as much information as possible into our brains.
  • 24-hour libraries are an ancient relic. I will say, there's something very relaxing about leaving campus very late + after everyone is gone.

  • My sleep schedule is starting to get very interesting. Going to bed at 3AM and then waking up at 5:45 interesting. I'm also having very vivid dreams. Vivid dreams that involve random people + some random disease processes we're learning about at school and I'm trying to save them while they're yelling "what meds do you treat this with? what are the clinical manifestations?"
  • I went shopping for professional dresses (knee length) and it felt so good to wear "real clothes" and look girly. True life: I only get dressed up for church. Nkenna, the dust bunny: a new series you'll be able to find under the OOTD tab of my blog.
  • This weather is not only childish but also disrespectful. 80 something degrees in the middle of the day. 62 degrees leaving the library and 50 degrees at 6AM when getting ready for class.
  • All I want for Christmas: a deep tissue massage + the caramel chocolate drizzle popcorn they gave out at church. Holy Yum!

  • Unexpected acts of kindness are the best so appreciated, especially right now. Yet another lesson in patience: everything in life will work out the way it's supposed to.
Happy New Week!

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